Teeth Whitening in Hatfield

A bright, white, healthy smile is considered a sign of beauty and well-being

Tooth whitening at home is only performed on those who have been clinically examined for dental health, fully informed of the possible risks, legalities and side effects and have signed a consent form. Each person is an individual with individual needs and is treated as such; this is the same for any type of treatment. It is not simply a cosmetic treatment. We do not see tooth whitening as a way of making money, but more a way of offering a service to you as a thank you for coming to us.

The Basics of Whitening

A bright, white, healthy smile is considered a sign of beauty and well-being. The media has added to the interest in tooth whitening and has created an opportunity for companies to sell "over-the-counter" whitening products via television, the Internet, and the chemist shop. Over-the-counter products remove professional supervision from the whitening process. Dentists need to be involved in the whitening process as they have been trained to insure you enjoy optimum oral health.

Currently in the UK, any non-dentally or medically trained person providing tooth whitening is guilty of criminal assault. Any non-dentist offering such treatment is breaking the law.

The primary reason that the dentist needs to be involved in the tooth whitening process is that you should have a full examination prior to beginning any whitening procedure to ensure that oral health and all restorations are sound. We will identify any dental work that exists on those teeth you have chosen to whiten.

Tooth whitening has been shown to be effective approximately 95% of the time for removing some or all of the discolourations and/or stains due to naturally dark teeth, lifestyle, ageing, injury, and other factors. Success is often obtained with fluorosis and tetracycline staining. Porcelain and other restorative materials will not whiten. If you have light porcelain restorations, you may benefit from having adjacent, darker, natural teeth lightened to match the lighter restorations.

How Long Will My Teeth Stay White?

Internal stains such as tetracycline or fluorosis won’t return. External stains caused by cigarette smoke, tea and coffee, red wine or ageing can come back over time. A good way to maintain your white smile is to use whitening toothpaste.

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