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If you're looking for a highly experienced dental hygienist near me in Hertfordshire, then our friendly and modern clinic in Hatfield can help.

We believe in a gentle and empathetic approach to patient care. Our expert hygienists are here to build your confidence and promote good oral hygiene habits required for a happy and healthy smile that lasts a lifetime.

Distinctly Dental is regulated and monitored by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and all our dentists and hygienists are registered with the General Dental Council (GDC), so you can rest assured you're safe in the hands of our expert oral hygiene team.

When can I see the hygienist?

Our Monday and Wednesday hygienist, Diane Bailey, is available on Monday mornings from 09:30 to 11:30 and Wednesdays from 08:00 to 14:00.

Our Saturday hygienist, Michelle Elise Coles, is available on a Saturdays from 09:00 to 15:00.

What is the cost of a dental hygienist appointment?

Our current fee is £75 for a weekday appointment and £87.50 for a Saturday appointment. However, please get in touch with our team to learn about the benefits of our membership plans or view our membership scheme page for more information. Our membership plans can save you money across the year and help spread your payments.

Are you looking for a friendly 'dental hygienist near me'? Simply call 01707 263 404 or send an enquiry to schedule an appointment.

5-star Google review for our dental hygienist

Dental Hygienist Reviewed by Fiona Broughton on "Although this appointment was only for a check-up, as usual it was very thorough & gave me further help regarding dental hygiene. The dentist suggested a smaller "spot" brush to get at a difficult place & using a different type of floss which I can already feel is doing the trick.

Many thanks - the hygiene advice I've received since joining this practice has helped me greatly & most was totally new to me! It is well worth the minor extra effort."
Rating: 5

What is a dental hygienist and why is oral health so important?

Dental hygienist is an integral member of our team who is specifically trained to focus on the periodontal health of our patients. Gum disease can result in losing some, or all, of your teeth and poor oral hygiene and dental diseases it may cause can contribute to a variety of health related issues like diabetes and heart problems.

Our dental hygienist focuses on educating patients on how best to look after their teeth and gums. She will begin by discussing your oral hygiene routine with you and demonstrate how to minimise receding gums, avoid bleeding gums and how to optimise the overall health of your teeth and mouth through an improved oral hygiene regime.

The hygienist will gently remove hard deposits of tartar that build up on your teeth. She will also teach you how to prevent further deposits so you can slow down or prevent the development of a gum disease.

Regular professional cleaning (known as a scale and polish) coupled with the tools required to effectively care for your teeth and gums at home will help to avoid tooth decay, maintain a healthy mouth, improve the appearance of your smile and promote fresher breath.

Can the Dental Hygienist help prevent dental disease?

Yes. You will be shown how to brush and floss your teeth effectively in order to remove as much dental plaque as possible. Your dental hygienist will give you important dietary advice, ensuring that you are aware of the dangers of certain foods and drinks to your oral health. She will encourage diet improvements and discuss beneficial habits that will promote a healthy mouth.

Sometimes the hygienist may recommend a course of laser treatment with our dentist, Dr Karen Andrews, as certain periodontal problems are greatly improved with the use of the waterlaser.

Do I have to see your dentist too?

Although we advise that you see a dentist for your regular dental health examination and oral cancer screening, we do offer direct access to our hygienist, should you wish to only schedule an oral hygiene appointment.

How often should I visit the dental hygienist?

During your initial visit, the hygienist will discuss your oral health with you and once she has had the opportunity to determine your needs, together we will formulate a treatment plan that you are happy with.

Regular visits to the hygienist are a great way to develop positive oral hygiene habits and develop a routine that is best suited for you. We all have different needs and some patients will require more regular treatment sessions than others.

More positive reviews for our dental hygienists

Please read what patients had to say about our hygienists:

  • “Excellent hygienist, she gave me great advice and very friendly and helpful.”
  • “Great to have a hygienist who takes the trouble to explain what they are doing, and why, and who is so effective and efficient. This is exactly what I would expect of this amazing dental practice.”
  • “I came here on recommendation and joined about nine months ago to have a course of work done. Everything from fillings, hygienist visits, a crown and an implant have all been carried out painlessly and professionally. Highly recommended and friendly staff throughout.”
  • “Quick professional service. Delighted with my shiny clean teeth. Thanks to Diane and the team.”
  • “I doubt if you will find anywhere that can offer more informed, expert and effective dental hygiene care than Distinctly Dental. Coupled with a friendly and efficient approach, this is outstanding.”

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