Gentle injections in Hatfield

Dentistry for anxious dental patients

Dr Andrews gained her key phrase "We Cater for Cowards" based on feedback from delighted patients who have commented on how painless her injections are.

The Wand - Virtually painless Injection Delivery System

Despite her flair for administering virtually painless injections, Dr Andrews has invested in "The Wand".

The Wand uses computerised technology to deliver and facilitate a more pain-free numbing process.

In a recent survey, where our patients were asked to score how much discomfort was felt whilst having an injection (scoring between: 0= no discomfort to 10= severe pain), on average patients scored between 1 and 2. This was even the case with injections placed in the palate, (roof of the mouth), which is the area that is commonly the most painful.

Coupled with the care and consideration with which Dr Andrews treats her patients, you are assured of a visit where your comfort, needs and expectations will be her priority.

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