Dental membership plans

We have developed our membership scheme to address the needs of all our patients.

The main aims of the membership schemes are to: encourage preventative treatment; help spread the cost of treatment for you and to reward our loyal patients with a significant deduction on the cost of any private treatment.

The schemes are extremely simple and easy to understand. We have two levels at which adults can join: standard and premium. They both include the same benefits, however, the premium level allows the Dentist extra time which is useful for those patients who have a full examination or have specific needs, for example continuing periodontal [gum] treatment.

The Village Membership Scheme includes:

  • Twice yearly dental check ups
  • Twice yearly scale and polish
  • Preventative advice on oral hygiene and diet
  • All necessary x rays
  • 25% discount on any other private treatments such as fillings, CEREC [with the exception of implants]
  • Worldwide Emergency Insurance to protect against the cost of large unforeseen accidental damage
  • Emergency Callout Insurance, should you need a Dentist in an emergency anywhere in the world
  • Redundancy protection for your monthly plan payments for up to 12 months.


Standard Plan: £13.50 per month / Hygiene Care Plan: £18.00 per month

Children's Dental Membership:

Our children’s schemes are designed to keep the cost of treatment as low as possible for you. We spend a lot of time on prevention, and request that all children bring their toothbrush to every check up appointment.

Level 1 (0-3 years) - Free of Charge

  • Two dental appointments per year to provide:
  • Clinical examination
  • Orthodontic advice
  • X-rays where clinically necessary
  • All treatment planning for your child’s future dental needs
  • 40% discount on any treatments required

Level 2 (4-6 years) - £4.00 per month

As for Level 1, but also including:

  • One hygiene appointment per year to provide:
  • Periodontal advice and treatment
  • Preventive techniques to reduce decay and gum disease
  • Worldwide Dental Trauma Insurance to protect against large unforeseen accidental damage.
  • Emergency Callout Insurance should your child need a dentist in an emergency.
  • Parental redundancy protection for your monthly plan payments for up to 12 months.

Level 3 (7-17 years) - £5.50 per month

As for Level 2, but including one additional hygiene appointment per year.

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